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just this time

I got my grades for my preliminary thesis book, and I am not surprised with my grade.

2.75 or 79.11%

No, actually I expected more. I thought the thing was to put all NECESSARY information in the book. All of those should be, of course, read and reviewed, not just mere copy pasted. And sometimes facts and data are redundantly sprinkled all over the thesis book. What (I thought) was needed are analysis and data interpretations. bBut lo and behold, (nothing against him) my adviser just browsed through my thesis book and looked ( not read, not even skimmed) through my hard work.

I am just disappointed of some unfortunate events that had happened lately. I don’t blame anyone but myself for this 2.75.

I’ll take this as a CHALLENGE. šŸ˜€

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sobrang affected ako sa storyang binabasa ko.

hindi ko alam kung para kanino tong iniluluha ko ngayon.

bakit kasi ang lugkot ng storya. T~T

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this one’s for you.

lampas kalahating taon na din pala.

at first, i liked you kasi i thought you liked me, too. then sinabi ko sayo, NR ka naman. so i guessed, hindi mo pala ako gusto, assumero na naman ako. pero nagtaka ako, kasi gusto parin kita. akala ko lang pala na gusto kita kasi may gusto ka sa akin. gusto pala talaga kita, period. i liked you since day 1. ayokong mapagod. ayokong tumigil. pero minsan, parang Ā mas nakakasama pa ikaw sa akin.

kitamo, napa blog tuloy ulit ako sa wordpress dahil sayo.

ps. ikaw pala ang dahilan kung bakit ako nag GLOBE. pero parang nabalewala na ngayon yung simcard na yun. : (

pps. nandito paren ako, don’t worry. : )

you: don’t give up, ok?

me: ok. : )


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Re: Manny Villar’s Jingle

So, yeah, ang catchy jingle ni Villar ay naging meme na sa Pinoy Internet. Pero please. nakakasawa na. You’re giving too much for this candidate thatĀ evenĀ some of you Ā “hate”.

So, please, stop the “oo, manny ikaw na ang mahirap!” and the “nakaligo ka na ba sa dagat ng basura?” at kung anu-ano pang shitnitz.


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Once in a Blue Moon

A Blue Moon isĀ is aĀ full moonĀ that is not timed to the regular monthly pattern.

And what will happen tonight, December 31, 2009, is the second full moon of the month.Ā A Blue Moon.

Cool, eh? May pahabol pang ganito ang 2009.

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back to basics

for the past month or so, i’ve been crazy over tumblr.

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ooooh! I’m so much into Tumblr nao. so I’m also into my Tumblarity.


but this is just mean. nawawalan tuloy ako ng gana.


wooshooo! hahaha!


nao it’s this : ScreenShot002

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