back to basics

for the past month or so, i’ve been crazy over tumblr.

at first i thought it was fun. yes, it was. until it started crawling inside me. my “blog” started to become a deepshit place. i was so engrossed with tumblr and tumblarity. i even posted a blog on tumblarity before.

and now it dawned me. i feel like a douche.

let me count what makes my tumblr experience disposable:

firstly, thought tumblarity equates to fame (which i sometimes dream i can have, at least online) but no, it is not. it is just something that you BRAG about especially when you’re on the top 50 or something. i just hate it when someone post his/her rank on the top blogs, then blurring his/her tumblarity or shit. fuck, braggarts.

this takes me to the next reason, the people i followed. unfortunately i followed a “clique” who reblogs their own posts, and fill my dashboard to the brim with nonsensical shitnitz. conversations that i don’t wanna read about, animosity with their haters, and gross photos of their fugly mugs. okay, that was mean. but  yeah, that’s what they are.

and i hate it when they play the “e di unfollow me” card. it is so hypocritical.

but yeah, i’ll keep my tumblr blog, coz there still are people who are so interesting, it started my professional career of online stalking.

maybe i’ll be unfollowing some people who, everytime they post, makes me sick to the guts.

and yeah, i’ll be posting here at wordpress more often. 😛

i missed this.


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