catch me

Got this from my daily horoscope. yeah, I read my horoscope. this one always hit the spot.

These are the things a Libra man want in a relationship. Almost all of it are true (for me)

SO read along, you might get hints on how to catch a BIG FISH like meh. (eew.)

Love planet Venus is now transiting through Libra, the realm of relationships, and LIBRA men are open to sharing life’s journey with a kindred spirit.

Libra has a deep need to connect with a person who balances him.

This person need not agree with everything he says or behave as he does.

Rather, he is looking for someone who presents a different and complementary way of being.

He is typically a cultured man, a seeker of beauty and an intellectual.

The one who shares his interests but brings a new point of view to them will capture his heart.

He is most attracted to enthusiastic types with excellent manners and social graces.

He loves women who are fun and quick to dance, laugh and approach others.

He likes those who show initiative and work to add layers of involvement, knowledge and class to their experience.

He enjoys a versatile partner who displays a caring spirit, and who makes an effort to connect with and contribute to others.

He wants a partner who behaves with a certain level of refinement and puts herself together with a sophisticated flair.

Bottom line: He falls for confidence and poise.


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