ohno! ondoy!


I guess since the dust has settled, or should i say the flood has subsided (well in some areas), I can now tell my story about Ondoy.

The story started last Friday, I was 2 hours late (as usual) sa meet-up namin ni Ann. We’re off to Kim’s place at Antipolo, for an overnight design session. We were with Paula.

The sky’s already gray.

We arrived at Kim’s at around 5pm, tired. At 8pm we started to do our stuff. But the tight deadlines (read: 7am class, BT, PLN, ID, PP requirements) started to haunt us.  It is given that even a itsy downpour, my school turn into a waterworld. So the douche in me starting “praying” to high heavens to make the rain pour harder, so that my Saturday class would be suspended.

As the rain started to pour harder, we decided to stop doing schoolworks and get idle since we were quite sure the class would be suspended. At 3am, i stopped playing plants vs. zombies to sleep.


Saturday, we woke up around 5:30am for breakfast, everybody’s not ready to go to school, so we have to drag ourselves to the dining table. After eating we discussed if we’ll go to school that day. Our laptops was all online waiting for the announcement of suspension. 6:15am, no suspension yet. So i decided to sleep. hehe.

11:30 am and I saw everyone browsing the net or doing nothing, ah, the class was suspended around 10am. And I have classmates that were stranded on our building. I started to get the chills. This is not an ordinary typhoon.

2pm, electricity was cut-off. NO INTERNET! and suddenly the water began to rise in front of the house. demmit, FLOOD. wait, nasa Antipolo ako, tapos baha?

That was the first time flood happened in the area. What they did was to put the furnitures on higher grounds. Good thing the flood water didn’t make it past the gate. We were supposed to go home by afternoon, but since the storm is still there, we decided to stay put.

It was a very loooong day and night. Since there’s no electricity, we’ve done nothing. Buhay baboy kami no’n, kain-tulog-kain-tulog.

Nagkatakutan pa. hehe

2am the power went back, and so was our senses. This typhoon hit the metropolis really hard. So hard, it made me speechless.  AS we eat our morning food, I saw in the news the devastated condition of the capital.

Flood, mud, garbage, cars, dead bodies. gah. and then it hit me, I was one of the many who was wishing for this. I cried. (well, inside)

After lunch, we opted to go home, to check if our families were okay and stuff.

And obviously, we were stranded, again. No PUV’s were travelling on the roads, but we need to go home. So we rode a tricycle (I was on the backride) up til Masinag, and there we saw the grim situation. Everybody seems to be panicking, where to go, or how to get somewhere. When a container truck pass by, everybody’s scrambling to get on the truck so they can pass through the waist-deep flood down Marcos Highway.

After some pag-iinarte, we have no choice left, our opportunity came. I climbed up the back part of the truck, and next was Mayann. But the truck suddenly moved, just when Paula’s about to get on. I panicked, Ann panicked, Paula ran together with Kim, hoping they could get on the truck. But then the truck went off, leaving Paula behind. It was like a scene from a movie, well kanina pa parang eksena sa pelikula.

On that part of Marcos Highway, everything is submerged. The water is kinda brownish-orange. Yuck. We saw some people who braved the flood, walking there. Everybody that was on the truck was — I can’t describe the feeling.

And then the truck got stuck, stuck in traffic. So we got off the truck and went further. Of course after thanking the truck driver. We were in front of X-factor club that time. (yeah I remembered, coz when the truck stopped, the guy beside me said, ‘nasa X-Factor palang tayo e‘ which was funny because I was thinking of something else.)

The water was still ankle-deep when we went walking. My foot started to get muddy.

Walk, walk, walk. And then, my mom called. Of course she was so worried about me, because I haven’t called here in a day (walang battery at signal). Then everybody started calling; Mama, Ange, Papa (and that day was my Papa’s birthday!) We took a break in front of Sta. Lucia Mall and tried to contact Paula and Kim.

malapit na kami dyan.” So there, Kim went back to go home, and we continued walking.

The sidewalks were extra slippery that day so i thought of taking off my chinelas. But no can do.

We started (puro we started, ang hirap magkwento e!) to get tired, so we asked this manong “malapit na ba yung santolan station?” “naku, malayo pa, kung gusto nyo, mag tricycle na lang kayo dyan sa kanto.” Good thing there’s a terminal there, so while manong tryke driver was buying his 2T frutti, we were busy cleaning our feet with clean water, courtesy of 2 great Pasigeuños, we were in Pasig na ata nun.

Off we go to the LRT station, with clean feet to boot! hehe.

At the train station, everybody was still busy, maybe panicking, but not quite. The lines to the vending machine was long, and there were several delays so we got on the train after around 30 minutes.

The Santolan station was just beside the Marikina River, the one that overflowed and flooded this part of the city. So when the train went off, we saw the pictures of THIS calamity.

It was heartbreaking.

I cried again (on the inside). 😦

Photos courtesy of Kim



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4 responses to “ohno! ondoy!

  1. Gem

    shet.oo nga pala, wala ka nga pala sa comfort ng iyong bahay nung nangyari tong lahat.buti safe kayo.at wow, adventure.somehow naiinggit ako kase dapat wala din ako nun sa bahay, asa qc ako nung araw na yun dapat, pero di ako tumuloy.pero thank God safe kayo at kami din dito. horrible, horrible sept 26. bday naman yun ng papa ko. 😦 grabe.

    masakit sa dibdib magpigil umiyak.

  2. Gem

    i forgot. grabe, masbabae ka pa sakin kung matulog!

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