pilit din tong blogpost na ‘to.

Ahwent out to watch my most anticipated movie of teh year, KimmyDora, with Angelica.


As usual, Angelica was on the pa-hard-to-get mode. We even planned the lakad when we “serendipity-ly” met at teh FX terminal. Then at teh last minute, she was tired and was lazy to come with me. LOL. Did a little “reverse psych” then off we went to (toss coin): southmall. haha!


We arrived around 6:00pm, and teh movie will start 6:40,  so  we ate dinner muna at Kenny Rujars.




then movie na.

It was funny, and was all i expected it to be. Galing talaga ni Eugene!


Fun day.


wore my lucky pants, kaya it was a NEUTRAL day for me, right Ange?

PS. M****S, ‘no ange?



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4 responses to “pilit din tong blogpost na ‘to.

  1. ange

    hahaha! serendipity-ly…da hell!
    thanks sa libre…mura lng diba?!haha!=P

  2. gem

    wtf. walang makita sa mga pics. HAHA. kelan kayo nanood? sa southmall din kami ni ate nung thursday, 6:40 din dahil wala na sa atc.

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